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What You Didn't Know about Applying for Medicaid

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Many Elder Law firms are dedicated to working with seniors to protect their assets and to qualify for long-term care benefits. These firms have the experience and knowledge needed to navigate Medicaid’s changing landscape of intricate and complicated guidelines. This experience helps create strategies to preserve a substantial amount of assets for elderly clients as well as their adult children serving as caregivers.

Elder Law firms are here to assist seniors and their families in their estate planning needs, whether it be the preparation of a Medicaid application to obtain government assistance for nursing home costs, a Qualified Income Trust, an Asset Protection Trust, or saving your home from the Medicaid Estate Recovery Program (MERP).

What to Expect During Your First Medicaid Consultation

During your first visit, the lawyer will begin the process of answering three questions:

  1. Do you qualify for Medicaid?

  2. How soon can you get approved for benefits?

  3. How much of the total estate can you preserve?

Once the consulting attorney has assessed your information, he or she will provide a basic analysis of what you can expect if you chose to engage the Elder Law firm. Often, there is no cost for this type of initial consultation. After the consulting attorney has reviewed your information and knows that he or she can help, the Elder Law firm will often quote you a one-time flat fee to cover all the costs associated with your case.

What to Expect During the Next Steps

When you hire an Elder Law firm, that firm walks with you and your family through the entire process of Medicaid planning:

  • A personalized strategy to reduce or even eliminate nursing home expenses

  • A comprehensive plan to protect your assets for your spouse, children, and other worthy causes

  • A dedicated case manager to assist with your application paperwork and to represent your case with the Medicaid office

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